Message from the President – Update to Campus

Dear members of our UPEI Campus Community:

As we welcome the official beginning of autumn, we are eager to build upon the wonderful start we’ve had to our 2014 academic year.

Since early September, UPEI has hosted a number of acclaimed and accomplished scholars on campus.

We are proud of Dr. Ann Braithwaite, associate professor and coordinator of Diversity and Social Justice Studies, who was recently recognized with the well-deserved honour of being named the recipient of the AAU 2014 Anne Marie MacKinnon Educational Leadership Award. We have enjoyed the launch of the UPEI Department of Music’s Recital Series. And we have taken to the bleachers and stands to cheer on our athletes for another high-energy season of Panther sport.

Early last week, UPEI signed two historic articulation agreements with Collège Acadie Î.-P.-É. This partnership between our institutions will provide access for Collège Acadie Î.-P.-É. graduates to enter UPEI’s Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Child and Family Studies degree programs and continue their post-secondary studies in the province.

UPEI was also very pleased to announce our partnership with Shepell (effective September 1, 2014) to offer a Student Support Program for all UPEI students. This partnership enables UPEI to further deliver on our commitment to our students’ overall well-being by expanding supports, services, and solutions for our students in many languages through 24/7, 365-days-a-year access to a variety of experts.

In the coming week, UPEI will host more noted guests (including Harry Thurston, Gwynne Dyer, and Ged Martin) to explore various topics. And onSeptember 25th, UPEI will honour four outstanding individuals at our 15th annual Recognition of Founders Ceremony. Please be sure to join us on Thursday at 2:00 p.m. in the quad as we celebrate the contributions made by Joy Ikede, Frances Gray, Dulcinea Andrews, and Ian Dohoo to our University, students, communities, and culture.

For the information of our campus community, I am including below an update on UPEI’s preliminary enrolment and course registrations (September 18, 2014 compared to September 19, 2013) that was provided to UPEI Senate this afternoon.

Although we are pleased that our numbers have held steady to date, we must remain diligent in our efforts to retain our students from the moment they join us through our commitment to delivering an outstanding quality of education, as well as the educational experiences, interactions, and student services we offer. Parallel to this, we must continuously work to recruit others.

A further update on UPEI enrolment based on AAU reporting will be shared with campus in October.

Best wishes,


UPEI Preliminary Enrolment Update
As of Thursday, September 18, 2014 (as compared to Thursday, September 19, 2013)


Total registrations (headcount) for all programs, new and returning students

·       Total registrants: 4,421 (0.4%, 16 more students)
·       Full-time registrants: 3,953 (0.8%, 31 more students)
·       Part-time registrants: 468 (-3.1%, 15 fewer students)

Full-time students by faculty

·       Arts: 924 (-9.0%, 91 fewer students)
·       Business: 650 (3.0%, 19 more students)
·       Education: 91 (-17.3%, 19 fewer students)
·       Nursing: 259 (-3.4%, 9 fewer students)
·       Science: 1,297 (5.2%, 64 more students)
·       Veterinary Medicine: 254 (1.2%, 3 more students)
·       Full-time unclassified: 103 (6.2%, 6 more students)

Graduate students

·       Full-time graduate students: 375 (18.3%, 58 more students)

Total course registrations

·       17,539 (-0.2%, 40 fewer)
·       Arts: 6,353 (-3.1%, 200 fewer)
·       Business: 2,106 (-0.7%, 14 fewer)
·       Education: 883 (5.1%, 43 more)
·       Nursing: 534 (-0.6%, 3 fewer)
·       Science: 5,052 (0.9%, 45 more)
·       Veterinary Medicine: 2,354 (4.4%, 99 more)
·       Applied Health Services Research: 7 (0%, 1 more)
·       No faculty designation: 250 (-4.2%, 11 fewer)

Students by origin

·       International students: 714 (16.7%, 102 more students)
·       Domestic students (other than PEI): 903 (6.2%, 53 more students)
·       PEI students (all years of study): 2,804 (-4.7%, 139 fewer students)
Note: The overall decline in students from PEI is attributed in part to fewer students graduating from PEI high schools and an overall decline within the university-aged demographic.

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