Enrolment Update #5

Dear members of the UPEI community,

In August, I initiated a series of enrollment messages—to keep you informed of the status of UPEI’s enrollment. Today’s message represents the final one in the series and places UPEI in the regional context.

The Atlantic Association of Universities (AAU) recently posted its annual survey of preliminary enrollments on its website, with data from universities around the region as of October 1, 2013: http://www.atlanticuniversities.ca/facts-figures/aau-survey-preliminary-...

The news is not surprising and reaffirms that UPEI is not unique when compared to regional universities. Incremental declines in full- and part-time undergraduate university enrollments (-1.7%) reflect declining demographic circumstances across the region and UPEI is certainly a part of that trend.

At the same time, full-time graduate (+2.6%) and international student enrollments (+7.3%) continue to increase year-over-year in the region, confirming that the region’s universities are attracting talented students and are an educational destination.

UPEI has been successful in attracting both graduate and international students, with an increase of 9.2 % and 11.4% in each group respectively, well above the regional average. Despite this success, we are all competing for these students so we must continue to work hard to highlight UPEI’s unique programs and learning environment.

All of the region’s 16 universities face ongoing fiscal challenges, and questions about our sustainability will continue. University leaders from around the Maritimes have also been aware of the demographic shift for some time; therefore, we continue to work collaboratively to ensure high quality learning and living experiences for students throughout our region. This effort is critically important to future enrollment success and I am committed to being at the AAU table with my regional colleagues to continue this co-operative approach.

On December 1, the official enrollment reports will be available and the breakdown by Faculty will be provided at that time to the Senate. Until then, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Best wishes,

Alaa Abd-El-Aziz
President and Vice-Chancellor

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