Enrolment Update #1

Dear members of the UPEI community,

At this juncture when we are about to embark on a new academic year and begin the budget process for 2014-15, I feel it is important to update the entire campus on where UPEI sits in terms of enrolment. While this information has been always shared with Deans and Directors on a regular basis, it is important for all of us to be aware of our enrolment situation and to continue to work together in increasing the conversion rate from applicant to enrolled student.

I will send further updates on August 20, September 6, September 17 and October 15.

Please note that at this point, we typically have received 96% of applications and over 90% of deposits for this application season, so we do not expect to see tremendous change over the course of the next few weeks. Registration is still in process, however, so between now and mid-September we still expect a significant number of students to register. Also, be aware that these percentage variances compare registration numbers as of August 5, 2013 with numbers from the same day in 2012.

Registrations (from all applications to all programs, all years of study including transfer applicants): 

·      Total: -2.4% (28 fewer students)
·      International: +20% (21 more students)
·      International-fee-paying students: +9.4% (7 more students)
·      Arts (undergraduate only): -21.5% (79 fewer students)
·      Science (undergraduate only, including Kinesiology): +1.4% (6 more students)
·      Business (undergraduate only):  -8.8% (12 fewer students)
·      Nursing (regular BScN program): -9.5% (6 fewer students)
·      Education (BEd): -21.4% (11 fewer students)

Registrations (from applications to first-year class in Arts, Business and Science)

 ·     Total: -6.7% (51 fewer students)
·      Domestic: -6.8% (50 fewer students)
·      International: -3.1% (1 fewer student)
·      Arts: -17.7% (55 fewer students)
·      Science: +0.3% (1 more students)
·      Business: +3.2% (3 more students)
·      Registrants from PEI high school Class of 2013: +0.5% (2 more students)

Total Registrations for Fall 2013 (ALL programs, by both new students and returning students.)
·      Total # registrants (headcount): 3736 (-1.8%, or 70 fewer students)
·      Full-time registrants: 3319 (-0.4%, or 13 fewer students); part-time registrants: 417 (-12%, or 57 fewer students)
·      Full-time undergraduate (excluding DVM and BEd): 2844 (down by 92 students or 3.1%)—Science is up by 4.4%, Nursing is down by 2%, Business is down by 7%, and Arts is down by 10%
·      DVM: 244 vs. 249
·      BEd: 112 vs. 182 (-38% or 70 fewer students, 56 of which are part-time)
·      International registrants: 465 (+13.1%, or 54 more students)
·      International-fee paying undergraduate students (excluding DVM): 321 (+11.8%, or 34 more students)
·      Graduate students: 140, vs. 41 for last year. The growth is largely due to increase in MEd (78 vs. 17) and MBA (28 vs. 5)

Total Course Registrations for Fall 2013

·      15,601 (-1.5%, or 241 fewer registrations)
·      Science and AVC saw growth by 2.5% and 15.1% respectively while all other faculties saw a decline ranging from 2.6% (Nursing) to 30.0% (Education). The large decline in Education course     registrations is partly due to the change from offering Global Issues (fell under Education) to UPEI 102 (falls under Arts). Excluding the Global Issues course for Fall 2013, the decline in Education course registrations would have been 13.5%.

Thank you for your continued efforts to promote the University to prospective students.

Best wishes,


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