English Language Programs

English Academic Preparation (EAP)

Is a multi-level, year-round intensive language program for students who are required to upgrade their English language skills. We have full-time and part-time programs that focus on academic writing, critical reading, listening comprehension, and oral communication skills. Our goal is to help students begin a successful degree program as soon as possible. Students in the part-time EAP program may also take other university courses that count towards an undergraduate degree.

Read about the English Academic Preparation program on the UPEI Student Life website

The EAP Bridging Program

The Bridging program allows higher scoring students to take a combination of EAP courses (for example, academic writing) and academic courses in order to meet the UPEI language requirements.

Read about our EAP Bridging Program on the UPEI Student Life website

Pre-U: UPEI Summer Academic Pathway

A program designed for high intermediate to advanced ESL students who have been conditionally admitted to a university degree program or a 2+2 program in September. Pre-U is an intensive 8- or 15-week program that will enable you to complete your English requirement and equip you for full-time degree studies.

To learn more about our Pre-U programs, visit the UPEI Student Life website.

Summer Language and Activity Camps

UPEI has welcomed several hundred students from Canada and abroad to our awesome Summer Camps on our beautiful and historic campus. Our English Language & Activity Camps are for students or student groups age 12 and older.

For more information about our awesome summer language camp, to view photos and see some awesome videos, please visit our Summer Language Camp website.

Customized English Programs 

UPEI offers customized English immersion group programs for diverse language-learning requirements.  Whether you are a teacher of English as a foreign language or a customer service representative, a program can be designed to meet your requirements.  Customized courses can be designed as non-credit, for transfer credit to your university, or according to the professional development specifications of your employer.

Please complete a group information form and forward it to Catherine Gillan by email at gillan@upei.ca.

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