Human Resources can help you determine your pensionable earnings and the status of your pension.

Employees have the option to apply for additional insurance.

Professional development funding is available to all contract (administrative and professional) group employees appointed for a period of 12 months or longer. 

Professional development funding is available to current CUPE 1870 employees with one year of CUPE 1870 seniority.

UPEI staff and faculty can apply for vacation and sick leave by completing the Employee Leave Application and Sick Leave Request form. 

Faculty and staff wishing to change or update their direct deposit banking information for pay and pension must contact the Human Resources department.

If you wish to change your tax information for either payroll or pension, you must complete new tax forms and submit them to the Human Resources department.

Positions are classified by a classification committee, with assistance from Human Resources. 

Human Resources can help you navigate the procedures when hiring a new UPEI faculty member.

Human Resources can help you navigate the procedures when hiring a staff member for an existing position.

UPEI faculty and staff may identify a need for student employment in their department, and hire a student for a position.

There may be some limitations with respect to group travel coverage for employees who are not Canadian citizens and who are working at UPEI on a work permit.

Human Resources offers travel insurance through a group policy provider.

Faculty and staff reaching retirement status can begin the process six (6) months before their intended retirement date.

The Personnel Transaction Form is used to make changes to a current employees employment at UPEI and is used to set up a new employee's records. 

Staff and faculty may request a leave of absence through the Human Resources department.

Leave accumulations may be viewed through your Campus Login

UPEI staff may request a waiver of tuition fees for UPEI courses, with the approval of their department authority. 

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