Performance Review at UPEI

As part of the University’s Strategic Plan document, UPEI has committed to “make UPEI a centre that fosters the growth and development of our people.” To support this priority, the University is introducing a formalized annual performance review process with an objective of moving toward a more transparent, engaged and accountable working environment at UPEI. This process will provide ongoing conversations to support and reinforce constructive relationships and uphold our core values of respect and collegiality, accountability and integrity, and shared responsibility.

The UPEI ‘Performance Review and Plan’ is designed to:

  • Facilitate communication, discussion, and exchange of ideas between employees and their managers.
  • Clearly articulate performance expectations.
  • Promote a high level of employee performance through consistent and formal feedback.
  • Create alignment between employee and organizational goals and to assist individual growth and development.
  • Develop a motivated, engaged, and high performing workforce that supports the work of the University. 

Over the past six months, Deans, Department Chairs, Directors, Managers and Supervisors have completed a training program in preparation for performance review discussions. All non-faculty staff, from the most senior to the most junior, will be engaging in the performance review process with their manager or supervisor. Faculty members have a pre-existing review process.

We appreciate that this is a new process and that it represents a significant change for all of us. In order to ensure everyone has an opportunity to become familiar with the process, we will hold a round of initial conversations between employees and managers/supervisors between now and January 29, 2016. This will be an opportunity to discuss the process and clarify expectations. The first formal reviews will take place in December 2016. 

As you work through the initial conversations, please remember that this is simply about discussing and clarifying expectations and goals. This is an opportunity for all of us to familiarize ourselves with the process. These initial conversations are meant to be a two way conversation with the objective of setting expectations and goals for the 2016 year. 

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