Internship - Small Animal Medicine/Surgery - Atlantic Veterinary College

Position Type: 
Staff Position
Closing Date: 
Wednesday, July 30, 2014
Date of Posting: 
July 4, 2014
Atlantic Veterinary College
Internship - Small Animal Medicine/Surgery

Atlantic Veterinary College, University of Prince Edward Island

550 University Avenue

Atlantic Veterinary College

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
C1A 4P3

(902)566-0870 (V)

The Atlantic Veterinary College has an open position for a Small Animal Rotating Veterinary Intern. This is a year long program that offers advanced training and experience in areas of emergency medicine, internal medicine, surgery, cardiology, radiology and anesthesia.
If you have been considering further advancing your training in a formal program to hone your skills in emergency, medicine and surgery or if you are considering specialty training and practice, please review the attached document and contact contact Christine Savidge (

1 Position Available
Program Categories
Authorized Administrative Official: Dr. Christine Savidge

Inclusive Dates of Program: immediately to 6/30/2015

Employment Information
Benefits: Supplemental health care (Blue Cross) & professional liability coverage are both provided. 
Five (5) working days are allotted for professional development during the internship.
Vacation: Two weeks of vacation time will be provided; one week is scheduled by the Intern Co-ordinator over the winter holiday break.
Is a contract required? Yes
Is a non-compete clause required? No
Is a Provincial license required? Yes   If yes, what is the licensure fee? paid by Atlantic Veterinary College

Prerequisites other than being a Graduate of a College of Veterinary Medicine
Eligibility for licensure by the Prince Edward Island Veterinary Medical Association.

Requirements for Application
• Personal Statement
• Curriculum Vitae
• Letters of Reference
• Phone interview

Additional information for graduates of universities outside of the United States and Canada
Eligibility for licensure by the Prince Edward Island Veterinary Medical Association requires a passing score on the North American Veterinary Licensing Exam (NAVLE) and, if not a graduate of a CMVA/AVMA accredited College, the Clinical Proficiency Exam (CPE).
Clinical Experience and Responsibilities
The intern have primary case care responsibility for first-opinion and emergency/critical care cases.
The intern is the primary surgeon on a range of elective and entry-level procedures.
The interns have primary case care responsibility for complex cases with supervision by a boarded specialist.
Patient rounds held daily with a boarded specialist in attendance.
Teaching rounds are held weekly
The interns deliver professional presentations or seminars to senior clinicians and peers
The interns have an opportunity to attend a professional meeting

Interns have access to current medical textbooks
Computers with internet access are provided
Interns have access to search engines for scientific literature and online journals
The primary hospital has an intensive care unit

Interns have access to the following equipment/technology, either on-site or outsourced
     Basic clinical laboratory equipment
     Blood Gas Analysis
     Blood Pressure Monitoring
     Bone Plating Equipment
     CT Scan
     Diagnostic Laboratory
     Digital Radiography
These percentages may not be cumulative
1. 30%
Percentage of program intern is assigned to daytime primary emergency
2. 20%
Percentage of program intern is assigned to overnight primary emergency
3. 0%
Percentage of program intern is assigned to first opinion (primary care) clinics
4. 5%
Percentage of program intern is provided elective time
5. 0%
Percentage of program intern is required to work at a secondary (satellite) clinic

Additional Information about Program
The Atlantic Veterinary College's (AVC) Small Animal Internship consists of rotations through the clinical disciplines of Small Animal Medicine and Small Animal Surgery. During the program, each intern will also rotate for two weeks through anaesthesia, one week through radiology and cardiology with exposure to a primary care service. There is an opportunity for two, one-week rotations in other discipline areas (e.g., dermatology; ophthalmology; oncology; pathology) and one of these weeks can be taken external to the AVC.

During the one-year program, five (5) days have been allotted for professional development. 

Interns work closely on clinical cases with faculty clinicians in the Department of Companion Animals and supervise and instruct fourth-year veterinary students on a daily basis. Interns participate in primary emergency duty one week of nights out of every five weeks and one weekend out of every five weeks. 

Interns can be expected to be involved in a varied local and referral caseload. Important features of the program include extensive primary case responsibility, extensive direct faculty interaction, a structured seminar series, and other special programs. Didactic aspects of the internship include rounds during clinical rotations and weekly grand rounds. Each intern is expected to make three (3) oral presentations during the year, including a clinical case conference presentation and two formal seminars on a topic of the interns choosing. 

Successful applicants must be eligible for licensure in the Prince Edward Island Veterinary Medical Association; a license to practice is required and will be paid for by the Atlantic Veterinary College.

Prince Edward Island is located on the Gulf of St. Lawrence, north of New Brunswick and west of Nova Scotia. The University of Prince Edward Island is a 2000-student, single-campus institution in the heart of Charlottetown. The Atlantic Veterinary College is part of UPEI and we benefit from the schedule of activities at the music recital hall, theater, large swimming pool and gym complex, two indoor hockey arenas, athletic fields, and other facilities on campus. Charlottetown is a university town and the provincial capital. Its small population of 50 000 people has an exceptionally strong cultural life thanks to the Confederation Centre for the Arts, several playhouses, museums and galleries, City Cinema, The Guild, and many coffeehouses and pubs. Minutes from campus are two national parks, gateways to hundreds of miles of white sand beaches with surprisingly warm, Gulf-stream-generated “warmest waters north of the Carolinas”, a 250-mile tip-to-tip walking/cycling/horseback riding trail, world-class golf courses, the home of childhood heroine Anne of Green Gables, and ample opportunities for kayaking, canoeing, deep-sea fishing, trout fishing, and virtually any other outdoor activity on sea or shore.

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