Sessional Instructor - Department of Physics - Faculty of Science (2016/2017 Academic Year)

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Sessional Opening
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Thursday, April 28, 2016
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April 14, 2016
Department of Physics - Faculty of Science
Sessional Instructor
2016/2017 Academic Year

The Department of Physics of the University of Prince Edward Island has openings for sessional instructors during the forthcoming 2016/2017 academic year. These appointments are subject to final budgetary approval. Possible teaching responsibilities include:

Department of Physics - 2016 FALL SEMESTER

PHYS 111 – “General Physics I”

This course emphasizes the fundamentals of mechanics and is intended as a first course in physics for students in the physical sciences and engineering, or who are planning to take Physics courses beyond the first-year level. Topics include vectors, kinematics, Newton’s laws of motion, gravitation, circular motion, static equilibrium, moment of inertia, torque, rotational motion, and conservation of energy and momentum.

Three hours lecture, three hours laboratory or tutorial per week

PHYS 121 – “Physics for Life Sciences I”

This course is intended for life science and health science students. Students are introduced to the fundamental concepts of physics and some of their applications to biological systems. Topics include vectors, kinematics, force, energy and power, torque, linear and angular momentum, and fluid mechanics.

Three hours lecture, three hours laboratory or tutorial per week

PHYS 201 – “Waves and Oscillations”

This course provides a basic introduction to the physics of mechanical waves. It begins with a study of the free, forced and damped harmonic oscillator and is followed by a study of discrete coupled oscillators in one dimension. This is used to derive the one-dimensional wave equation, which is used to study traveling and standing waves in continuous media. The course also provides an introduction to relevant mathematical concepts and methods, including complex numbers, partial derivatives, and techniques for solving ordinary and partial differential equations, and Fourier series.

Three hours lecture, three hours laboratory per week

Department of Physics – 2017 WINTER SEMESTER

PHYS 112 – “General Physics II”

This course is a continuation of Physics 111 and is intended for, but not restricted to, those students who wish to pursue further studies in the physical sciences or engineering. Topics include oscillations, wave motion, sound and light, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and electricity and magnetism.

Three hours lecture, three hours laboratory or tutorial per week

PHYS 122 – “Physics for Life Sciences II”

This course is a continuation of Physics 121 intended for students in the life sciences, introducing additional physics concepts with emphasis on their application to biology. Topics include properties of waves, acoustics and hearing, optics and vision, thermodynamics, and basic electricity and magnetism.

Three hours lecture, three hours laboratory or tutorial per week

PHYS 202 – “Mechanics”

Using a more advanced treatment than in the 100-level physics courses, this course gives the student a deeper understanding of the principles of mechanics. Topics include: vector kinematics, Newton’s laws, momentum, work and energy, rotational motion, and central force motion.

Three hours lecture per week

Please note priority will be given to qualified individuals on the sessional roster of the academic unit.


Successful applicants should have a minimum of a Master’s degree in Physics or an equivalent combination of qualifications and experience. Applicants should indicate which of the above teaching responsibilities he/she feels most qualified for.

Application Instructions:
Applicants should submit a curriculum vitae and names of three referees to:

Chair, Department of Physics
University of Prince Edward Island
PE, C1A 4P3
Fax: 902-566-0483

In accordance with Canadian immigration requirements, all qualified candidates are encouraged to apply; however, Canadian citizens and permanent residents will be given priority. UPEI is committed to the principle of equity in employment.

Closing date for applications is April 28, 2016. 

UPEI encourages all qualified applicants to apply for job openings; however, in keeping with the terms and provisions of the university’s various employment and collective agreements, first priority will be given to internal candidates.
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