Service Contracts

A Service Contract is an agreement in which UPEI is contracted to provide a service for an individual, business or agency, and in return, UPEI will receive monetary compensation.

To initiate a service contract, please complete a Contract Approval Control Form. Ensure all parties to the contract are identified, whether a new account is required, and that the form is signed by the originator, department head and dean or vice-president.

All contractual obligations of the University must be reviewed by the Comptroller's Office and signed by an official signing authority, namely:

  • the President
  • the Vice-President Administration and Finance
  • the Vice-President Research
  • the Vice-President Academic
  • the Comptroller

Once the appropriate documents are provided to the Comptroller's Office, there may be a requirement to meet and discuss the purpose or any conditions in the agreement. Upon approval of the contract, copies are made available to the Accounting Office, and to the originating department for completion of the process.

Judy Gauthier
Administrative Assistant
Comptroller's Office
(902) 566-0474
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