Signage requests
Report air quality problem
Request an office or building key

Signage requests

Staff and faculty may require permanent, fixed signage for their offices, classes, and departments.

​Facilities Management is responsible for creating all permanent, fixed way finding and informational signage on campus.

Steps To Follow: 

Step 1

Click here to begin the process.

Step 2

On the work request page, type in your name (if required) and email address.

Step 3

Choose the location, building, and area.

Step 4

Select "signage" as the "problem type", and describe your request.

Step 5

Enter "schooldude" as the submittal password, and click "Submit".

​After you complete these steps you will be contacted by Facilities Management regarding your signage request.

Report Air Quality Problem

All air quality issues at UPEI (except Residence maintenance requests) are submitted to Facilities Management.

​Steps To Follow: 

Step 1

Download the Indoor Air Quality form and complete the form.

Step 2

Save the completed form and attach it to an email message.

Step 3

Submit the form to

Facilities Management staff may contact you to follow up.

Request an office or building key

UPEI staff and faculty may require keys to access their offices and buildings. The security division distributes keys according to the University's Key Control Policy.

Complete the Key Request and Authorization form and submit it to the security division office in the Central Utility Building, or use the internal mail system (original signatures are required). Departmental deans, directors, chairpersons, and designates are the only acceptable authorizing signatures for the key request forms.


  • Key request forms must have all fields filled in or the forms will be returned for completion, which will cause a delay in processing. 

  • Key request forms for students or short term employees must state a finish date or the forms will be considered incomplete and will be returned for completion. 

  • Please supply a contact number for notification. 

  • Forms need to be received by Friday. Please allow adequate time for your key request to be processed.

  • Keys will be available the following week, normally on Wednesday. You will be notified when your key is available for pickup.

  • Once you are notified, your keys will be issued at the Security Services Department located in the Central Utility Building and may be picked up between 8:30 am-3:00 pm, Monday-Friday.

​Important to Note:

  • Building master or sub-master keys will only be issued to personnel upon the receipt of appropriate justification from the Dean, Director or Chair (or their designate) and subsequent approval from the Director of Facilities Management. 

  • Keys may not be duplicated or loaned to another person.

  • All keys must be returned to the Security Services Department upon termination of employment or the visitation period. 

  • Lost or stolen keys are to be reported immediately to Security Services. 

  • Individual keys are to be returned to Security Services when no longer needed.


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