Parking Enforcement, Regulations, and Violations

There are several types of parking and parking permits available at UPEI. Vehicles that are parked on the UPEI campus must display either a valid parking permit or be at a parking meter during specified enforcement periods.

Parking Permits

Parking permits can be purchased from the Facilities Management Office (Central Utility Building) on a year round basis, subject to availability. Visit the Get a Faculty and Staff Parking Permit service page for more information on the types and purchase of Staff and Faculty parking permits and the application form. Visit the Get a Student Parking Permit service page for more information on the types and purchase of Student parking permits.

  • Hanging-style permits must be hung from the rearview mirror; placard-style (i.e daily) permits should be displayed on the dashboard.

  • It is the individual's responsibility to pick up and properly display a valid permit.

  • Designated Parking Lot permits are specific to the parking lot for which they are issued.

  • Reserved spaces are for the use of those individuals or departments with a Reserved Space permit. They are assigned, limited in availability, and non-transferable.

Parking Regulations, Enforcement, and Violations

The UPEI Security Division enforces parking on campus.

    A fine will be imposed for each violation of the UPEI Traffic and Parking Policy.

    • No person shall operate a motor vehicle in a parking area or lot in excess of 15 km per hour.

    • No person shall operate a motor vehicle on the perimeter road in excess of 40 km per hour.

    • A valid parking space is constituted as being between two yellow lines, in a recognized parking area.

    • Vehicles parking in areas other than recognized parking spaces (grass, roadway, etc.) as well as any safety and access routes, will be ticketed and may be towed at the owner's expense.

    • Parking time must be purchased at parking meters regardless of whether the vehicle displays a UPEI parking permit or not.

    • Drop-off areas are specifically reserved for drivers dropping people off. Vehicles must be occupied at all times in drop-off areas.

    • Individuals planning to leave their vehicle on campus overnight during fair weather months may use any appropriate lot. Winter parking restrictions are in effect from November 1 through March 31 and stipulate that General Parking Lot A is the only designated "overnight" parking lot. Residents of Andrew Hall and Bernardine Hall may park overnight in the Andrew Hall lot, or lower General Parking Lot B during the winter on the provision that these vehicles be moved to General Parking Lot A during storm conditions and until plowing operations have been completed after a storm. A violation of this policy may result in the vehicle being removed from the campus at the owner's expense.

    • Appeals for traffic and parking violations may be submitted to Security Services, in writing, within 14 days of the enforcement action.

    • Any fine not paid will become a University receivable and subject to the existing collection policies of the University. Students with unpaid accounts will be not provided with transcripts, either official or unofficial, until such accounts are settled to the satisfaction of the University.

    • Where repeat traffic violations have occurred, or where normal enforcement action has proven ineffective, the Director of Facilities Management may suspend an individual's parking privileges for not less than one month or more than one year.

    • The University reserves the right to exclude any person or motor vehicle from the campus.

      How to Appeal Parking Violations