Engineering students are interested in solving problems. They see things differently and want to contribute to a better world.

Join us, and design your future with UPEI's four-year Bachelor of Science in Engineering program.

Our first-year students are introduced to design engineering in an intimate, activity-oriented, project-based environment. Cohorts of first- and second-year students form learning groups and are mentored by their classmates in their third and fourth years. Dedicated faculty members work closely and interactively with clusters of students to solve design problems in a controlled environment for community organizations and private enterprises. 

Second-year students work on projects related to automation, sustainable energy, and bioresources using the same iterative design process experienced during their first year, but with the increased responsibility of ongoing client consultations, reporting requirements, design drawings, analysis, and prototype development. Second-year students' prototypes are presented at a year-end public expo.

In students' third year, project work shifts to industry projects related to mechatronics—desigining and building functioning prototypes and conducting in-depth quality analysis—to produce industry-sponsored prototypes capable of deployment for testing in an actual industrial environment.

Fourth-year students act as senior designers to the incoming third-year class, further increasing the capability of the entire student team and the potential for higher quality design, prototypes, patents, and, in some cases, commercialization.

At the UPEI School of Engineering, you'll draw on the experience of your classmates, other senior students, professors, and knowldegable industry experts to solve real-world problems for clients representing all industries and sectors.