Pill Crusher, the Mount Continuing Care Community

"Because the prototype we designed and developed solves a real problem in the health care industry today, our device has a high potential to help a lot of people and be successful."

The Mount Continuing Care Community in Charlottetown, PEI was looking for a practical improvement to pill-crushing devices. Their staff often use these devices to crush prescription, allergy, and pain-relief pills for their residents. As their nurses deliver food and medication to residents, some require their medication in pill form to be reduced or crushed to a powder for easier consumption.

Traditional pill crushing devices:

  • require excessive physical strain, which may cause repetitive strain injuries (labour intensive)
  • emit loud noises during use, which can disturb residents within the community
  • often fail to crush the medication into a fine powder

Keeping these concerns in mind, the student team came up with a few different designs and presented a final design: a cart-mounted pill-crushing device that could be installed on existing medical carts, which nurses use routinely for their duties.

  • Meet Daniel Morris, a UPEI engineering student who worked on the project