Matthew Hall

Assistant Professor


(902) 620-5109

Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering building, 322

Research website:


Researcher Profile:

My research tends toward two goals: (1) improving offshore renewable energy device technology and (2) enabling a larger share of renewables in the energy system. Research at the device level focuses on the design and analysis of offshore renewable energy technologies, whether offshore wind turbines or marine energy converters. This includes development of the MoorDyn model, wave tank testing of marine structures, and exploration of novel floating wind farm designs. Research at the system level centers on exploring and evaluating strategies for increased renewable energy integration, especially in the unique PEI context.

Research Interests:

  • Wind, wave, and tidal energy technologies
  • Design and analysis of offshore structures
  • Hybrid “hardware-in-the-loop” testing
  • Design optimization
  • Sustainable energy systems and integration of renewables

Recent publications:

Please see my Island Scholar profile or my research website.


  • Engineering Communications (ENGN 1210): fall semester
  • Macro Energy Systems (ENGN 4410): fall semester
  • Wind and Water Power (ENGN 3450): winter semester


I began my engineering studies in the former design-focused diploma program here at UPEI, gravitating toward energy sustainability as a key challenge at the intersection of engineering and climate change.  I completed my BSc in mechanical engineering at the University of New Brunswick, then joined the University of Victoria’s Institute for Integrated Energy Systems to do a master’s on floating offshore wind turbine design.  I followed that focus to the University of Maine, where North America’s first grid-connecting offshore wind turbine was being deployed. I participated in design work for the full-scale VolturnUS, developed the MoorDyn model now used in NREL simulators, and completed my PhD on hybrid model testing of floating wind turbines (culminating in the first hybrid model validation in a wind-wave basin). At UPEI, my group is continuing research in these areas and new ones.

Opportunities for Students:

I often have openings for undergraduate and graduate research assistants. Refer to my research website for up-to-date information. If interested in joining my research group, please email me with your CV and a descriptive cover letter.