Ronald J. MacDonald

Dean, Associate Professor
(902) 566-0349
Faculty of Education
Memorial Hall, 402
BSc; BEd; MEd; PhD

Ronald J. MacDonald has been a junior and senior high school science teacher in Nova Scotia and Ontario, Canada, for 15 years. He has also been an information technology integration specialist and professional development facilitator. Ron's research includes: supporting science teacher communities of practice when they are integrating technologies; gender differences in students’ attitude toward science when technologies are used; the merging of theory and practice in teacher education and project-based learning in science. He is currently Dean of the Faculty of Education and teaches science methods.

His current research focuses on the development of communities of practice for supporting science teachers who want to increase student inquiry through the integration of ICTs, such as data logging technologies. Other research being conducted address the following topics: possible gender differences in attitude toward science brought about when technologies are integrated in the classroom; how New Learners (first year university students) learn with new technologies; and how to improve the link between university coursework and the practicum.

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