Certificate in Adult Education

The certificate in adult education focuses on understanding adult education learning theories and philosophies; becoming aware of the diverse needs of adult learners; and learning and applying the methodologies and strategies needed to teach adults.

The CAE consists of 12 courses (36 semester-hours). As this certificate in adult education is jointly offered by Holland College and UPEI, each institution will offer half of the courses. Three (six-semester-hour) courses are offered by Holland College, and six (three-semester-hour) courses are offered by UPEI. Holland College and UPEI offer the required courses on a yearly basis and the electives over a two-year period. All courses are offered in the late afternoon, early evening, or during weekend hours at Holland College. The UPEI courses are taught by instructors approved by the Dean of Education, UPEI. Courses are offered in each of the four academic terms.

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