Work with media

Working with media? A call from the media may feel more like an inconvenience than an opportunity. It might even seem intimidating. Or, maybe you have a great story to tell, but you're not sure how to connect it to audiences, locally, nationally or around the world. We can help. Let’s chat!

Good media relations lays the groundwork for greater public interest in your work. Even the smallest news appearances, repeated over time, build recognition, credibility and reputation amongst the public.

Give us a call if you have received a media inquiry or want to engage the media. We're happy to help pitch a story idea and assist with preparing for interviews.

General UPEI inquiries and story ideas:

Nicole Phillips
(902) 566-0947

UPEI research-specific inquiries and story ideas:

Dave Atkinson
(902) 620-5117

Atlantic Veterinary College inquiries and story ideas: 

Anna MacDonald
(902) 566-6786

The contact for this service is:

(902) 566-0947
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