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Design Clinic Profile: Aspin Kemp & Associates

How Design Engineering students captured the complexities of a drilling platform in a office sized display

The first in a series of profiles of design clinic partnerships between UPEI School of Sustainable Design Engineering students and industry partners

Student Team: Daniel Emery, Alex Gamble, and Conner Gavin
Design of a dynamic tradeshow model to demon strate Aspin Kemp and Associates’ hybrid drilling floor technology


  1.     Student team meets client and tours operation
  2.     Challenge is understood
  3.     Ideas are generated
  4.     Design concepts are developed and reviewed with client
  5.     Chosen concept is designed and analyzed
  6.     Prototype is built, tested and refined
  7.     Solution is delivered to client


A portable tradeshow model that demonstrated the functionality of the technology and was aesthetically pleasing.


“Students of the Sustainable Engineering Faculty at UPEI designed and built a model to simulate a hybrid ocean drilling Derrek for the purposes of demonstration at trade shows. The model was complex in shape and in function. Several design factors had to be considered spanning electrical, mechanical and software engineering disciplines in addition to aesthetic, architectural and tactile requirements. The model had to be functional to demonstrate a hybrid crane in operation while also being  and looking good in the trade show environment.

The output of the project completed by the student team was exceptional. The team managed the project in aprofessional manner and had routine dialogue and input with their sponsors from AKA. AKA has used the hybridocean drilling Derrek model at several trade shows and has received positive feedback from trade show participants.”

—Mike Bonga, Aspin Kemp & Associates

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