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Discover a broad range of services we offer!

Need help designing brochures and posters? Want guidance on developing a new webpage, or editing an existing one? Have a story idea or been contacted by media? Hosting an event and not sure where to start? 

Our department provides a wide range of marketing and communications services to the UPEI community.

Developing a strategic marketing plan is the best way to ensure you reach your audience with the right message, set measurable goals, and allocate resources and budget. Maybe you need support from a number of services. Let’s chat!

Request marketing material such as posters, brochures, certificates, signs, and other materials. Our creative design teams are here to help!

Book a UPEI photographer for event, announcements, and other campus activities.

Require some editing or content updates to a UPEI.ca page? Marketing and Communications' web team is responsible for managing UPEI.ca website editing requests from students, staff, faculty, and the university community. 

Need a new webpage? If you’re launching a new program or initiative, you may need a new webpage to support your communications efforts. We can help. Let’s chat! 

UPEI students, staff, and faculty may submit brief notices for daily campus-wide distribution in Campus Notices, and post campus events to the UPEI Event Calendar.

Have a cool UPEI story to tell or to submit for the Campus Connector e-newsletter? Share your story idea or already-written item with us!

Working with media? A call from the media may feel more like an inconvenience than an opportunity. It might even seem intimidating. Or, maybe you have a great story to tell, but you're not sure how to connect it to audiences, locally, nationally or around the world. We can help. Let’s chat!

Are you a member of the media looking to speak to a UPEI expert or member of our administration, faculty, and staff? We can help!

Hosting an event? At some time or another, every faculty, department, or unit will plan some type of event. Whether it's large or small, every event will require planning in order for it to be successful. Maybe we can help. Let’s chat!

Marketing and Communications coordinates several internal communication vehicles to keep members of the University community informed about news, events, and updates.

UPEI faculty and staff members may order new business cards or re-order existing business cards by the business card request form. 

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