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Need a new webpage? If you’re launching a new program or initiative, you may need a new webpage to support your communications efforts. We can help. Let’s chat! 

Consider your audience and the content. Some tips to consider: 

  • The web is a user-driven medium. People want to complete a task, and do it quickly. If a website is difficult to navigate or read, they'll leave.
  • Focus on the user, not on yourself. Users are self-absorbed and task-focused. Make sure they can complete their task, quickly and easily.
  • Keep content short and to the point.
  • Break text up into easily digestible "chunks" with clear, concise headings.
  • Bold relevant words and use bulleted lists to make it easy for users to scan content.
  • Use plain language. Even the most sophisticated users appreciate straightforward writing. Keep your sentence structure simple and avoid uncommon words, slang and jargon.
  • Keep visitors engaged with a "call to action" on every page. Users should be guided to the next natural step on the site.
  • Hyperlinks should be descriptive and explain the action.

Contact us and we’ll help guide you through the process.

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