Flying free again!

AVC Wildlife Service releases eagle
Thursday, August 18, 2016
This juvenile eagle scans his surroundings after being released by the AVC Wildlife Service.

After a month in the care of the Atlantic Veterinary College’s Wildlife Service, a juvenile bald eagle was released on August 5, near Bangor, PEI.

On July 9, Jason MacEachern and Luke Peters found the eagle on the ground while they were fishing in the Bangor area. The bird was not able to fly because of an injured wing. Jason and Luke took the eagle to AVC where several radiographs were taken to rule out possible fractures. The cause of the bird’s injury is not known, but it was not able to hunt and was thin. At AVC, the eagle gradually moved to the large flight cage where it practiced flying again and gained weight.

Thanks to the quick action of Jason and Luke and the expert care it received at AVC, the eagle thrived and was released close to the area where it was found. Releasing it were Jason and Luke; fourth-year veterinary student Krista Simonson who admitted the bird to AVC; and wildlife technician Fiep de Bie, AVC Wildlife Service.

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