Dr. Etienne Côté celebrates 2015 3M National Teaching Fellowship

Dr. Côté attends 3M teaching retreat
Thursday, December 17, 2015
Dr. Etienne Côté and Dr. Shannon Murray at the 3M teaching retreat in Banff

This month, Dr. Etienne Côté of the Atlantic Veterinary College celebrated his 3M national teaching fellowship with a four-day teaching retreat at the Banff Springs Hotel. He joined nine other extraordinary teachers from across the country in conversation about the future of teaching in higher education. The retreat is sponsored by 3M Canada, which has for the last 30 years supported and celebrated innovative teaching in higher education.

Dr. Côté joins five other 3M National Teaching Fellows at UPEI, and as the Globe and Mail’s report on Universities 2016 points out, “With six prestigious 3M teaching awards under its belt, the school is in the top three in Atlantic Canada by number of 3M awards.” For Dr. Cote’s full citation for the 3M, please visit the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. Dr. Côté will join the Faculty Development Summer Institute at UPEI as a facilitator in 2016.

Submitted by Dr. Shannon Murray

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