New book examines relationship between technology and our perception of reality

Dr. Gil Germain’s “Thinking About Technology: how the technological mind misreads reality” is published by Lexington Books
Thursday, September 14, 2017
Thinking About Technology is published by Lexington Books

In his third book, Dr. Gil Germain critically examines the perception of reality that informs our technological world. Thinking About Technology: how the technological mind misreads reality is published by Lexington Books.

From the publisher’s website:

“The world we make reflects the way reality is perceived, and today the world is perceived primarily in technological terms. So argues Gil Germain in Thinking About Technology: How the Technological Mind Misreads Reality. Given the connection between perception and action, or thinking and doing, Germain first highlights the central features of technological worldview to better understand the contemporary drive to master the conditions of human existence. He then boldly proposes that the technological worldview seriously misreads the nature of the world it seeks mastery over, and shows how this misinterpretation invariably leads to the technologically related challenges currently vexing the contemporary social order, from the drift toward a post-human future to the anti-globalization backlash. Germain closes Thinking About Technology by articulating an alternative worldview to the technological perspective and illustrating how this re-reading of reality might help us inhabit the technological landscape in ways better attuned to the human condition.”

Dr. Gil Germain is an associate professor of political science at the University of Prince Edward Island.

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