AVC cardiologist co-edits “gold standard” veterinary textbook

A career-defining highlight for Dr. Etienne Cote!
Friday, March 31, 2017
Dr. Etienne Côté presents a copy of the "Textbook of Veterinary Internal Medicine, 8th Edition," to Dean Greg Keefe for AVC’s Small Animal Hospital ICU.

Three years ago, Dr. Etienne Côté, professor of cardiology at AVC, was asked to co-edit the eighth edition of the Textbook of Veterinary Internal Medicine, widely recognized as the most authoritative textbook for small animal internal medicine.

Created in 1975 by Dr. Stephen Ettinger, considered the trailblazer of veterinary specialty medicine, the Textbook of Veterinary Internal Medicine is the internationally acclaimed “gold standard” textbook in small animal medicine, with its unparalleled coverage of the pathophysiology, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases affecting dogs and cats. For the first three editions, Dr. Ettinger was the sole editor, and for the next four, Dr. Edward Feldman was co-editor with Dr. Ettinger.

“To be asked by Drs. Ettinger and Feldman to co-edit the latest edition of this essential textbook is a career-defining highlight for me,” says Dr. Côté, who has contributed to the book as an author since the fifth edition. He estimates that he spent about 3,500 hours working on the book over the past three years.

Published by Elsevier, this two-volume edition includes the latest information on topical issues such as clinical genomics, coexisting cardiac and renal diseases, minimally invasive interventional procedures, distinguishing behavioral disorders from neurologic disease, feeding tube placement, evidence-based medicine, and differentiating intoxications from nontoxicological illness, to name a few.

The book includes contributions by 310 authors from 21 countries around the world. Distinguishing features include a library of 517 original videos of characteristic symptoms, clinical procedures, and imaging loops; references accessible online instantly via a QR code at the end of each chapter; and two new sections: minimally invasive interventions and management of pairs of diseases that have opposite treatments (divergent comorbidities).

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