Climate data for researchers from UPEI’s Climate Research Lab

The Climate Research Lab at the University of Prince Edward Island is offering a new and valuable tool for researchers who require climate projections for anywhere on the planet. The lab has downloaded raw data from 40 global climate models and translated, analyzed, verified, and converted it into a usable dataset for researchers.

“This is the world’s most advanced science, and will be part of next year’s Fifth Assessment Report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC),” said Dr. Adam Fenech, director of the Climate Research Lab. “If researchers require projections that are monthly, seasonal, or annual over the next century, we can provide them.”

Dr. Fenech has worked extensively in the area of climate change since the IPCC First Assessment Report in 1988. He has edited seven books on climate change, most recently on climate impacts and adaptation science. Dr. Fenech has worked at Harvard University researching the history of the science/policy interfaces of climate change. He has represented Canada at international climate negotiating sessions, written climate policy speeches for Canadian environment ministers, and authored Canadian reports on climate change to the United Nations. Dr. Fenech has taught at the University of Toronto as well as the Smithsonian Institution for over 15 years, and lectures regularly at universities across Canada and around the world. He is presently the director of UPEI’s own Climate Research Lab that conducts, facilitates, and hosts research and science on the vulnerability, impacts and adaptation to past and future climate change. As part of the IPCC, he was co-recipient of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize.

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