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Associate Professor
Director, The Hostetter Centre for Enterprise & Entrepreneurship
(902) 620-5098
Faculty of Business
McDougall Hall, 420

Reuben Domike joined the UPEI School of Business in July of 2009. Prior to joining UPEI, Reuben was the director of a center for entrepreneurship at a university in Ohio. Reuben is teaching in areas of innovation management, biotechnology management, finance and operations research. Reuben has worked in process technology developement for three Fortune 100 chemistry companies on three different continents. Reuben had been in management at a profitable MIT start-up that now has millions of dollars in revenue and tens of employees worldwide.

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All items listed have been completed and accepted unless otherwise noted

1. [submitted paper and presentation or poster] “Developing a Canadian economic Dashboard: a US-Canada Comparison” for 2012 Labor and Employment Relations Association (LERA) Annual Meeting,  Chicago, IL Authors: R Domike, W Carroll, S Wilson

2. [presentation forthcoming June 2011] “Preliminary Site Survey Data for Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Regulatory Economics” 2011 Industry Studies Association Annual Conference.  University of Pittsburgh. Presenter: R Domike

3. [paper] “Preliminary Site Survey Data for Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Regulatory Economics”  2011 Industry Studies Association Working Paper. Authors: R Domike, J Macher, R Pande, P Barone, S Springs 

4. [presentation] “Simulation of Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Location Selection in the Presence of Risk” 2011 Value Chain Management Conference. Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences School of Management. Presenter: R Domike

5. [paper] “Simulation of Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Location Selection in the Presence of Risk” 2011 Value Chain Management Conference Proceedings. Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences School of Management. Author: R Domike

6. [presentation] “Regional Volatility and Site Selection” 2010 Biomanufacturing Conference. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Center for Biomedical Innovation. Presenter: R Domike

7. [poster] “Regulatory Economics of Global Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing” M.I.T. 2010 Biopharmaceutical Development and Manufacturing Conference. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School of Management. uthors: R Domike, J. Macher, R. Pande

8. [presentation] “Perspectives on Pharma Manufacturing: A focus on small molecules in big pharma” MIT Principles and Practice of Drug Development Fall 2010 M.B.A. class, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School of Management. Presenter: R Domike

9. [paper] “Light induced fluorescence for predicting API content in tablets: Sampling and error” International Journal of Pharmaceutics, Volume 391, Issues 1‐2, 31 May 2010, Pages 13‐20 Authors: R Domike, S Ngai, C Cooney

10. [funding] “Regulatory Economics of Global Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing” grant proposal to the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation of New York City in collaboration with Professors Jeff Macher [Georgetown School of Business], Scott Stern [MIT Sloan], Roy Welsch [MIT Sloan], Anthony Sinskey [MIT]. Awarded in full as of May 1, 2010.

11. [presenter] “General Internal Communication Challenges in Pharmaceutical Process Development and Scale‐Up” ASB2009 Conference, Moncton, New Brunswick Presenter: R Domike

12. [paper] “General Internal Communication Challenges in Pharmaceutical Process Development and Scale‐Up” ASB2009 Proceedings, Moncton, New Brunswick Author: R Domike

13. [paper in progress] “Anecdotal‐based study of specific problems in pharmaceutical process development and scale‐up in the manufacture of solid dosage forms”  Authors: R Domike, C Cooney

  • technology management and entrepreneurship
  • biopharmaceutical product and process development
  • continuous improvement in manufacturing performance
  • innovation requirements management

Reuben is part of a research collaboration with the Center for Biomedical Innovation (CBI) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Some specific current research activities include: future visions of biomanufacturing; specific experienced challenges in pharma/bio process development; incorporating risk into biomanufacturing location decisions; and, new technology implementation in pharma/biopharmaceutical process development and manufacturing.

University of Prince Edward Island

  • Member, Research Ethics Board, UPEI
  • Member, Faculty Senate, UPEI
  • Member, Student Academic Appeals Committee, UPEI

UPEI School of Business

  • Director, Hostetter Center for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship, UPEI, School of Business
  • Member, MBA Program Committee, UPEI School of Business 
  • Member, MBA Admissions Committee, UPEI School of Business 
  • Member, MBA Scholarship Committee, UPEI School of Business


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