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Advisory Council

The UPEI Faculty of Business Administration has long held the philosophy that a successful education in Business requires input from the very employers who hire our students. The Business Advisory Council was formed in 1996 to create a connection to the business community which helps guide the direction of the Faculty of Business Administration. The Business Advisory Council performs three primary functions:

  1. Advises the Faculty of Business, through the Dean, on issues that might impact the Faculty's strategy based on the interests and needs of the external constituencies.
  2. Acts as a sounding board to help advance the Faculty of Business as a primary management educator.
  3. Communicates, advocates, and endorses the Faculty of Business interests to external constituencies, such as the University administration and business community, and to raise the Faculty's profile as a leading deliverer of management education in the region.

The Business Advisory Council advises the Faculty of Business as it continues to develop into a nationally recognized centre of excellence for business education. As a general principle, Council members are chosen to reflect the direction of the Faculty. An attempt is made to ensure that the membership of the Council provides representation to national and local business interests and to other relevant groups.

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