Dr. Basil Ikede, retired professor and chair, AVC Department of Pathology and Microbiology, contributed to the 11th edition of Veterinary Medicine: A Textbook of the Diseases of Cattle, Horses, Sheep, Pigs and Goats, published recently by Elsevier. The book’s four authors and nine coauthors come from the United States, Australia, Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom.
Dr. Ikede wrote the sections on foreign animal diseases, especially major exotic viral and protozoan diseases, and on necropsy and specimens for confirmation of diagnosis. He has contributed to this textbook since the 8th edition published in 1994.
The first edition of the book was published in 1960, authored by Blood and Henderson. Since then, it has been the standard text and reference material for veterinary students, graduate students, practicing veterinarians, and field workers. It is the most extensively cited textbook in veterinary medicine, with a total of 4,267 citations (Google Scholar, May 2016). It has been translated into French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, and Russian.
Published in two volumes, the 11th edition has been extensively revised; its format is substantially different from the 10th edition. The new edition uses the organ system approach, and has had more than 150 new figures added. As before, each major disease has a synopsis for quick reference. An electronic edition is also available from the publisher.
Dr. Ikede is also a retired professor and head, Department of Veterinary Pathology, University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

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Thursday, November 30, 2017
Dr. Basil Ikede contributes to new edition of veterinary textbook
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