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Student Profile of the Month - Tom Ogden, alumnus

Tom didn't follow the typical four-year path at UPEI. In fact, getting his BA in Canadian Studies took seven years, three of which were combined with full-time work, and other years while working a number of part-time jobs. The Canadian Studies program offered Tom a flexible timetable with subject matter that he says “really hit home” for him. As a young federal public servant, being able to take a wide variety of courses in Canadian Studies (including Political Science, Canadian and Atlantic Canadian History, English, and French), allowed Tom “to cast a wide net around subject matter that both interested me personally and applied to my developing career.”

Tom has put his Arts degree to good use in his role as Manager, Executive Services, Human Resources and Corporate Services Branch at the Department of Veterans Affairs.  Tom has found that “an Arts degree is valued in the public service largely because graduates are often strong writers, problem solvers, and researchers. This is increasingly important in today's environment where the baby boomer generation is retiring at an increasing pace, and strong writing skills seem to be becoming more of a rarity among new workers. Graduates of modern language programs remain in demand as well, as official languages are highly valued in the federal public service and becoming increasingly important at the provincial level.”

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