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Satadal Dasgupta

BSc, MSc, PhD
Professor Emeritus of Anthropology
(902) 566-0577
Sociology and Anthropology
Main Building, 517
BSc (Calcutta);
MSc (Calcutta);
PhD (Calcutta)

Peasant and rural societies; community; kinship and social organization; South Asia; social and cultural change.

  • Rural Canada: A Rural Sociological Perspective. The Edwin Mellen Press, 2002.
  • The Community in Canada: Rural and Urban. University Press of America, 1996.
  • Diffusion of Agricultural Innovations in Village India. Wiley Eastern, 1989.
  • Caste, Kinship and Community: Social System of a Bengal Caste. Orient Longman, 1986.
  • The Garden Transformed: Prince Edward Island, 1945-1980 (Smitheram and Milne, co-editors). Ragweed Press, 1982.
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