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Special Topics: 2016-2017

PSY 332: Special Topics - Forensic Psychology (July 2016)

The major goal of this course is to provide a broad overview of the field of forensic psychology and the numerous ways that psychology interacts with the law. Forensic psychology addresses the application of psychological research, methods, and expertise to issues that come before the legal system. Topics include mental health issues in criminal justice, juror decision-making processes, police investigations, lie detection, eyewitness testimony, child victims and witnesses, sentencing principles and policies, risk assessment, psychopathy, and psychological characteristics of young, sexual, and homicidal offenders. While a portion of class time will be devoted to lecturing, there will also be regular in-class group discussions, class activities, guest lecturers, and field trips.

Psychology 432A: Parenting
Dr. Philip Smith
Mondays, 1:30 – 4:30 pm
Fall, 2016

Prerequisites: Psychology 101, 102, 201, 251 or 278 and 279, and permission of the instructor. This course normally is open to fourth-year students who have completed some relevant third-year courses; applications from third-year students will be considered.

Students in this seminar consider a broad range of psychological issues in parenting, exploring the nature of parenting within the context of reciprocal relationships between parents and children. Given particular attention are questions about whether and how parenting influences children, and whether and how parenting can be supported and modified. Parenting within diverse family structures, and within families facing an array of challenges (e.g., poverty, exceptionality, inter-parental violence) will be explored. Student contributions include critical reading, analysis, and writing about theory, research, and practice regarding controversial issues in the field; presentations at each week’s seminar meeting; and, development of either a knowledge translation analysis or a research proposal addressing an issue in parenting education and support in Prince Edward Island.

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