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Major in Psychology

It is recommended that you apply to become a major as soon as you know that is what you would like. It takes some time to complete adjudication of all applications.

Students may declare a major in Psychology at any time. Majors are expected to take four required courses, Psychology 101, 102, 278, and 279 in their first two years. A formal review of each student's performance is conducted upon completion of the four core courses. Continuation of the program will be based upon a 70% average with no mark below 60% in the four core courses.

The process of applying to become a Psychology Major involves the following three steps:

  1. Complete a Major Declaration form and submit the completed form to the Registrar’s Office in the Kelley Memorial Building. This adds a “pre-Psychology” recognition note to your student file.
  2. Log in to your student account with Campus Login and save a copy of your Unofficial Transcript or Degree Audit as a .pdf file. Then mail this file to with the subject line as follows: "Transcript of (Your Name) to accompany Psychology Major Application Form"
  3. Complete the Psychology Major Application form and submit this form to the Psychology department. (NOTE: You must be signed in to your UPEI gmail account to access the online form).

REMEMBER: Click the box that will send yourself a copy of the form. Once you receive that message, forward it to your proposed faculty advisor.

Before being accepted as a Psychology major, you need to complete the requirements for the major. All requirements for a major in Psychology are listed on the "Major" tab of the Psychology program page.

You can create a Psychology Major Checklist for yourself by filling out the Psychology Major Checklist form. It needs to be completed and brought to your first meeting with your faculty advisor. Most advisors expect to receive a copy of this via e-mail prior to your first meeting.

This checklist is a guide for students. The University Calendar is the official record of course requirements. Students are responsible for all selections made for their programme of study.

Psychology Major Checklist form (printable .pdf form). NOTE: You MUST fill out the online version above; the .pdf version is for those of you who asked for a printable working copy.

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