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Student Profile of the Month - Emily Doiron, alumna

"In high school, I actively participated in most student activities geared toward politics and government, and so choosing to study Political Science at the university-level made the most sense for me. Throughout my degree, I was most interested in Canadian Politics and how the government worked. I was unsure where my degree would take me, but I was interested in what I studied and that’s what mattered to me.

In my third year of university, I applied for the Legislative Assembly Internship through UPEI. The Internship provides students with a semester-long work term at the Assembly. Through this program, I gained real-life experience in an area that, up until that point, I had only been able to read about in textbooks. This was not a coffee delivering/photocopying internship- I worked on projects and events that were on-going within the Assembly.

Since I graduated from the University of Prince Edward Island in May 2012, I have worked in various capacities at the Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Island. I now work as a Committee Clerk and Administrative Clerk.

Internships provide students not only with an opportunity to gain practical knowledge in their field, but also to experience a career path that they had never before considered. Through the experience of my internship, I learned firsthand about parliamentary rules and procedures, how Standing Committees function, and the important role that the Legislature plays. I also discovered a career that makes sense for me, which combines my interest in politics and government, with the knowledge I gained at the University of Prince Edward Island."

Emily Doiron
UPEI Arts Alumnus - May 2012, Political Science

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