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Student Profile of the Month - Anthony Aucoin, alumnus

Anthony Aucoin graduated from UPEI with a Bachelor of Arts, Major in Philosophy, in 2005. After leaving UPEI, Anthony decided that he wanted to explore a different lifestyle and moved to Toronto where he spent the better part of a decade navigating the life of a city dweller. While living in the city Anthony was able to follow his passions and work towards a career in retail banking. Anthony found banking offered a dynamic, fast paced work environment where he could put his problem solving skills to use while meeting a tremendous variety of client needs. Over the past few years, Anthony has worked in nearly all branch roles and has worked his way into branch management. Today Anthony enjoys leading a team of bank representatives as they connect with clients, offer advice, and positively impact the financial outlook of Canadian families.

He feels fortunate to have been able to return to PEI in 2013 and to continue his career here. Anthony believes strongly in the value of critical thinking and time management skills that Arts students learn and has hired numerous students who have gone on to successful careers in the bank. He has leveraged the writing skills of a colleague with an English degree to help write public presentations, used a banker’s sociology degree to help come up with client appreciation day themes aimed at differing cultural and socioeconomic groups and put his own Philosophy degree to good use daily. The abilities to communicate clearly, to take in and break down large quantities of information, and the abilities to organize and prioritize have become the cornerstones of Anthony’s successful career. He knows that the skills he learned through an Arts degree will be with him throughout his life and he plans on using them to full advantage.

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