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Asian Studies Third Annual Reception

A special greeting to everyone, Happy New Year! (Xīnnián kuàilè in Mandarin; Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu in Japanese; or Saehae bok mani badeuseyo in Korean).

UPEI’s Asian Studies, an interdisciplinary minor program in the Faculty of Arts, successfully held its third annual lunch social on Thursday, February 19 in the Faculty Lounge with students, instructors, program committee members, and interested international (EAP, transfer, and exchange) students from Asia, together with special guests including the Dean of Arts, his administrative assistant, and Cathy Gillan, and her EAP staff. This popular event was to celebrate the 2015 Chinese-and-Korean (Lunar) New Year’s Day; interact with students and instructors; showcase Asian Studies as a growing program; and contribute to UPEI’s international student recruitment efforts.

Despite unfavourable weather conditions, we had an excellent turnout for this great multicultural reception with delicious Chinese, Japanese, and Korean food. As the year of the goat/lamb, 2015 is believed to be a special lucky year: optimistic, charming, elegant, artistic, and prosperous. And here is your fortune for 2015: you will have a good year if you “put aside your pessimism and worry” and also “don’t complain too much about material comfort or things.”

We look forward to hosting the same event next year on Monday, February 8 in order to celebrate the beginning of 2016, the year of the monkey. A new feature for the 2016 event will be traditional East Asian music.

Thanks for your participation and support!

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