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French Placement Test

Planning on taking a French Course?

The Department of Modern Languages has a variety of courses designed to suit the abilities of first-year students.

All incoming students intending to take a French course must take the French Placement Test! 

The Test is available online (link below) but a hard copy of the test is also available at the Department of Modern Languages.

By taking the French Placement Test, it allows us to assess your skill level and place you in the appropriate course. There is no pass or fail, and no need to prepare for it (or to be nervous!).  The entire assessment will take 25 to 35 minutes to complete. On-line, you can move up and down through the document and change any answer already entered.

We suggest that you complete the sections in the order presented, since the exercises become progressively more difficult. Everyone must complete the last section, a short composition intended to give us a sample of your free writing skills.

If you do not have a French Canadian keyboard installed, you may answer without using accents.

MAC users are asked not to compose accented characters with the "Option + letter" keys. This combination produces coded characters that will cause the answer to be graded as incorrect.

Note: This assessment requires a 4.x version browser or higher.

Shortly after completion of the Placement Test, you will be contacted by e-mail by the Department of Modern Languages and notified of the appropriate course in which to enroll.

There are three steps to completing the online test:

  1. First, you will need to create an account in Moodle, our learning management system. To do this you will need to select “Create new account” after clicking on the link “Take placement test now”. Fill out the account profile questions which will include a current working email address. Once “Create my new account” has been submitted you will receive an email with a link that you will need to click to verify your new account. This will take you to a moodle page for the PTA course. Now your account has been created.
  2. Next, you must enroll in the French Placement Test course. Click on “Enroll me in this course” which is in the menu on the left-hand side. Then click on “Yes”. You are now enrolled in the course.
  3. Lastly, click on the French Placement Test and you will be underway.

Take placement test now!

Carlo Lavoie
Modern Languages
(902) 566-0431

Department of Modern Languages

UPEI's Department of Modern Languages provides its students with the opportunity to study various languages and to obtain a good grounding, but also sees languages within their appropriate cultural contexts. In other words, the acquisition of languages is seen as a vehicle to enter the thought, history, literature, and cinema within which each of the languages is associated.

The Department of Modern Languages offers programs in French, German, and Spanish. Read about admission requirements and course offerings in each program by visiting the following program pages: 

We communicate our enthusiasm for language and civilization via various techniques, including experiments with computer-assisted teaching and learning. The Department strongly believes that no one really knows his or her own mother tongue until another language has been added to one's own.

Language Studies have always been an integral part of university studies. An educated person has at least some background in languages. Such studies complement many areas of study and are recommended by other disciplines such as English, Music, History, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Fine Arts, and other Social Sciences.

Language studies are seen as preparation for graduate studies, education programs, travel, and work abroad. They form a unique addition to a student's university education, with the variety of teaching and learning techniques adding variety, balance, or counter-balance to the education process.

Global markets are competing for supremacy, in Europe (with Germany as the pivotal point), the Americas (North and South America), and Asia (Japanese). Prince Edward Island is not removed from this struggle or internationalization of commerce. Learning a language also helps alleviate, to varying degrees, a lack of knowledge regarding the intricacies and elementary aspects of English on the part of our students.

Carlo Lavoie
Modern Languages
(902) 566-0431

Department of History

History has been defined as the "memory of human group experience" because it brings the student into contact with the whole range of human effort and achievement. Its objective is to recreate the past from the evidence left to us, and to try to explain how and why human beings spoke, acted, and thought as they did in the past. Although history must always deal with the "facts" of societies, it is even more concerned with explaining and illuminating them.

The program is centred broadly on the history of "Atlantic Civilization" -- the historical development of Europe and the Americas. The courses aim to provide both a broad exposure to the history of the Atlantic World, and more specialized work in the history of various regions and countries.

The Department also offers courses in the practice and the craft of history.

For more information about the History program's admission requirements and a complete list of courses, please visit the History program page using the link on the right of this page. 

Mission Statement

The University of Prince Edward Island, founded on a tradition of liberal education, exists to encourage and assist people to acquire the skills, knowledge, and understanding necessary for critical and creative thinking, and thus prepare them to contribute to their own betterment and that of society through the development of their full potential.

James Moran
(902) 566-0765

Photo by dalbera, used under Creative Commons.

Department of Fine Arts

Fine Arts (Art History) examines the role of the visual arts in the development of human society. Fine Arts attempts to understand the nature of art, its origins and evolution, and the role it plays in various civilizations. 

While the task of the artist is the creation of works of art, that of the art historian is their systematic study, analyzing and understanding the products of creative expression. Studies of the Fine Arts can involve the examination of economic, social, and political issues; problems of patronage, taste, style, and iconography; and questions of literary influence, philology, philosophy, psychology, and religion. At the same time, how works of art are made, their conservation and/or restoration, and theories of perception or optics are also investigated. The study of Fine Arts helps to enhance our aesthetic awareness and our ability to "see" and describe, and to search for new meanings and explore new ideas in our environment. 

The Department of Fine Arts offers a range of art history courses, especially Western art, from ancient times to the present. The Art History courses concentrate on the study of architecture, sculpture, painting, and minor/decorative arts.

Janos Fedak
Fine Arts
(902) 566-0406

UPEI Environmental Society

UPEI's Environmental Society is made up of students from all walks of life - we get together to brainstorm some awesome, fun ways to promote environmental awareness and sustainable living on campus. What’s great about the Environmental Society is that you can be from any faculty, any department, any year and feel welcome. 

Why should I want to be part of this society?

If you are concerned about how the planet is going to be able to sustain its seven billion+ human inhabitants, the Environmental Society is for you! We are a group of students interested in improving the environmental stewardship and awareness at the University of PEI. We are always looking for new members and ideas. Check us out here!

About Environmental Studies

The minor in Environmental Studies at UPEI aims to equip students to integrate an understanding of the environment with other academic fields and their personal life. The key words to describe Environmental Studies are knowledge integration, leadership, and impact.

Knowledge integration

We offer you a truly interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary liberal arts and sciences approach to the theory, research, and practice of environmental studies. You have the opportunity to take courses offered in sixteen different departments and across faculties of Arts, Science, Education and Business.


Individualized attention from faculty and close connections with governments and community groups allow you to truly get involved in real-world issues. In the classroom, in the field and in the community, our program is aimed toward helping you explore your ability to lead the way toward finding environmental solutions.


Through active learning assignments, special courses, directed studies, internships, public environmental forums, and many other opportunities, you will be laying the foundation to make a positive impact toward sustainability in your personal life and career.


  1. Take ENV 201 early. Students wishing to minor in Environmental Studies are encouraged to enroll in Environmental Studies 201 as early as possible.
  2. Watch for extra courses offerings. Some Special Topics courses, summer courses, or courses on environmental themes offered in another department could be eligible for credit toward the Environmental Studies minor if approved by the Director of Environmental Studies.
  3. Prerequisites: Since several recognized ES courses are offered across a number of departments, many students may not have the required prerequisites for particular courses. We encourage such students to consult directly with the instructors of these courses to seek their permission to enroll. Instructors may choose to accept alternative prerequisites that are judged to provide the student with sufficient background preparation for the course.

Graduate Studies in Environment

There are a number of options available for anyone wishing to pursue graduate studies at UPEI that have environmental themes:

Carolyn Peach Brown
Environmental Studies
(902) 620-5066

Student Symposium

Make an Impact! The Special Topics Student Environmental Studies Symposium course is an opportunity for students to facilitate a public forum to raise awareness and discussion about a contemporary environmental issue. This unique course will focus on students planning and running a one day symposium about a relevant environmental issue of their choice.

It will provide an opportunity for active and collaborative learning as students dialogue with important stakeholders engaged in real world issues from government, the private sector and civil society.

Through the process of organizing this symposium, students will deepen their knowledge of the complex nature of environmental issues and the challenges in finding sustainable solutions. Practical outcomes of the course include the development of critical thinking and writing skills, as well as organizational, communication and team-building skills.  The first information and organizational meeting will take place September 6. 2012, 4 – 5:30 pm, location TBA. Register for ENV 409B in the Fall semester. For more details contact Carolyn Peach Brown, Director at

To see some photos and a video from last year's symposium, see the following links.

Symposium Photos




Carolyn Peach Brown
Environmental Studies
(902) 620-5066

Theatre Studies Minor

Theatrical performance is one of the most significant art forms in the history of civilization; it exemplifies the connection between Art and people. Unlike most forms of studied literature, dramatic literature is intended to be performed for and experienced by an audience. As a result, Dramatic literature exists between scholarly and practical realms. It requires the acquisition of both analytic and practical skills. UPEI’s Minor in Theatre Studies offers students the opportunity to develop their analytic, practical, and creative skills required for theatrical production. The Minor in Theatre Studies provides students with foundational skills on which they can pursue their interest in the Theatre, or any area of study.

Visit our Theatre Studies at UPEI website to find out about auditions, see photos of past shows, and find out how to get involved.

Visit the Theatre Studies program page to obtain requirements and complete course descriptions for the Minor in Theatre Studies.

Dr. Greg Doran
Theatre Studies
(902) 566-6013

Department of English

Welcome to UPEI's English department. If you are a person who loves to read, you've come to the right place. We have several degree options. Each offers strong preparation for further studies in a wide variety of areas.

The Major in English provides intensive study through reading, writing, and lively conversation. Explore the world through fiction, drama, film, poetry, non-fiction, and memoir. Enhance your ability to think about, understand, and interact with our increasingly complex society. Gain a richly diverse knowledge of how language and literature have been shaping, and continue to shape, human experience and culture.

The Minor in English is designed for those of you who want to enhance another major or wish to clear a space for literature and language studies in your lives. We also welcome anyone who wants to sample a course here and there, staying in touch with familiar writers and discovering new ones.

The Honours degree is for those who want to extend a thorough grounding in English language or literature by developing an area of independent study through a scholarly or creative writing Honours project.

As well as the place for all things literary, the English department is home to the University Writing and Theatre Studies Programs. You will also find creative writing workshops and linguistics courses here.

Our faculty is creative, dynamic, and student-centred, with a passionate dedication to innovative research and to teaching excellence. In fact, many of us have received national, regional, and local teaching awards that recognize our commitment to our students. Every English major and Honours student, and every English interested minor, is matched with a faculty mentor who will help guide you through your program. The English department is known for its profs' open doors, and for the mentoring relationships that develop and enrich the student experience. If you'd like to know more about what we do and what we offer, drop by the Department to chat with any one of us. You also can learn more about our courses below, by reading the Department's Calendar Supplement, which is updated annually and available on the right of this page, or by clicking on the link to department site on the right.

Studies in English language and literature will help you thrive—in your university experience and in your personal life.

Dr. Greg Doran, Chair

Tracy Manning
(902) 566-0389


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