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Faculty Profile of the Month - Dr. Andrew Zinck

Dr. Andrew Zinck is an Associate Professor in the Department of Music. He teaches courses in music history, examining the composition, production, and reception of music within the framework of various cultural and historical forces. In addition to addressing Western classical traditions, he leads students through explorations of the realms of film music, popular music, and music theatre. He makes it his mission to move past the “parade of dead composers” to engage students in a more pointed study of music as a human activity, revealing commonalities across various musical practices while at the same time asking “why this music, at this particular time, and in this particular place?”

Dr. Zinck joined UPEI in 1997 as a graduate of the University of Toronto, with research specialties in Canadian music and opera. Since then, he has expanded his interests to include the scholarship of teaching and learning, as well as music composition. He recently helped to develop a successful transition/support program for first-year music students, and has written a number of works for musical theatre and for church, performed both locally and nationally.

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