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P. Nagarajan

Professor Emeritus
(902) 566-0313
Main Building, 324
BA (Mysore);
MA (Mysore);
PhD (Kansas State)
  • Teaching and research interests have been broad and varied. Have taught courses in all major areas of economics, including graduate courses on public finance, advanced macroeconomics, and economic development strategies for small islands.
  • Early and continuing research interest has been in development issues of PEI economy, and development of developing countries with emphasis on fiscal system and trade.
  • Currently working on myriads of interconnected, complex issues concerning sustainability and sustainable development strategies, from interdisciplinary perspectives and systems analysis, particularly for small islands economies.


  • Research Scholarship, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India, 1962-64
  • Canada Council Research Grant, 1977-78
  • Research Grant, SSHRC, 1981, 1988
  • Extramural Research Grant, Agriculture Canada, 1982, 1983
  • Research Grant, Ministry of Finance and Planning, Government of Kenya, 1984-85 Senate Research Grant, UPEI, 1969- 1986
  • Member of Omicron Delta Epsilon, Honour Society in Economics, 1966
  • Member of Gamma Sigma Delta, Honour Society of Agriculture, 1966
  • UPEI Faculty Association Award for Outstanding Scholarly Achievement, 1991.


  • Professor Emeritus of Economics, and Research Associate of the Institute of Island Studies, University of Prince Edward Island; Professor, UPEI, 1981-99
  • Associate Professor, UPEI, 1974-81
  • Assistant Professor, UPEI, 1969-74
  • Assistant Professor, Saint Dunstan’s University, 1968-69
  • Research Fellow, Indian Institute of Economics, Hyderabad, India, April-August 1972
  • Research Fellow, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, 1962-64
  • Visiting Professor, Institute of Social and Economic Research, University of York, England, May-August, 1973
  • Visiting Professor, National Institute of Public Finance and Policy, New Delhi, India, 1977-78
  • Visiting Professor, University of Nairobi, Kenya, 1984-95.


  • Chair, Department of Economics, UPEI, 1976-83
  • Member, Editorial Board, Asian-African Journal of Economic and Econometrics
  • Member, Board of Examiners to Adjudicate PhD Dissertation for 15 Universities in India
  • Manuscripts Reviewed for Public Finance Quarterly, Public Finance/ Finances Publiques, International Economic Journal, Canadian Journal of Regional Science, Applied Financial Economics, Journal of Asian Economics
  • Reviewed Research Grants Applications for SSHRC


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