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Nia Phillips

B.S., MA, PhD
Assistant Professor
(902) 566-0966
Memorial Hall, 207
B.S. (Mississippi State University)
M.A., Ph.D. (University of Kansas)

Dr. Phillips is particularly interested in the inextricable link between self and society. Recognizing that individuals are products of their cultural world while simultaneously acting as agents in shaping that world, she considers various means by which people reproduce, reject, and/or alter mainstream realities, including: gender identity, definitions of sexism, expressions of sexuality and sexual identity, perceptions of gender-based violence, political engagement, and the production of creative texts (e.g., fanfiction).

Dr. Nia Phillips is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology. She teaches courses on the psychology of gender and sexuality, gender-based violence, cultural psychology, applied social psychology, and research methods and statistics. Dr. Phillips joined UPEI in August of 2011 as a graduate of the University of Kansas. Trained in Social & Quantitative Psychology as well as Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies, her teaching and research adopt a critical feminist perspective, considering the extent to which society in general, and the field of psychology specifically, are products of unique power positions and motivated realities. 

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