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Learning Community #2

"An Introduction to the Bachelor of Education"

Fall 2013 Courses

A. Education 211: Introduction to Education – T & Th 8:30-9:45
B. UPEI 103C: University Studies - M&W 1:30-2:45
C. Psychology 101B: Introduction to Psychology, Part I - M,W & F 9:30-10:20

A. Education 211 (Professor TBA): This course provides students with an introduction to education in Canada. Students examine: the purpose of schools, the characteristics of classrooms, the role of teachers, the relationship between schools and society. Current issues in education, and teaching as a career and profession. A minimum of 25 hours of school-related experience is a requirement of this course. Three lecture hours, plus one full morning or afternoon a week for school visits.

B. UPEI 103C (V. Johnston)
UNIVERSITY STUDIES: This course for students who seek a well-supported, strongly integrated adjustment to life and learning within the university environment. This course is designed to create a cohesive learning community for students, connecting them to each other and to their instructors in the classroom and beyond. The curriculum focuses on helping students to develop the attitudes, study strategies, and broad communication and research skills they will need to thrive throughout their post-secondary experience.

C. Introduction to Psychology 101B: Part I (S. MacKinnon) is a general introductory survey of theory and research on basic psychological processes: research methodology in psychology, biological basis of behavior, sensation and perception, learning and motivation, memory and cognition.

Winter 2014: Pre-BEd Learning Community

A. University 203: Introduction to Leadership Studies- T &TH 10-11:15
B. Psychology 102: Introduction to Psychology, Part II - M,W & F 9:30- 10:20

A. University 203 (I. Dorsey) introduces leadership using a personal experience perspective and framework. Students will be exposed to various leadership models, best practices, and concepts essential to leadership such as sustainability and community development. The course will assist students in developing an understanding of self, their role in community and in their profession. Students will be required to develop and implement a service- learning project as part of the course work.
Note: Students enrolled in the Bed Learning community are required to take University 203.

B. Introduction to Psychology 102B: PART II (Professor TBA) continues to be an introduction to psychological theory in the form of application of the basic process (Psychology 101) to the individual in a social context. Areas include developmental psychology, personality theory and testing, emotion, personal adjustment and problems in living, therapies, and social psychology.
PREREQUISITE: Psychology 101.

Note: Required for BEd program but not part of the second semester Learning Community

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