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Learning Community #1

"An Introduction to Writing, Identity, and Academia"

Who are you? Who am I? Who are we? There are many possible ways to respond to these questions. How do you identify yourself – socially, culturally, physically, academically, politically, psychologically, and spiritually? What forces, factors and locations inform both your notions of identity and your personal identification? How does identity empower or limit us as individuals, collectives, societies?

As members of the Learning Community we will approach the theme from a variety of perspectives and activities, including:

  • Examining various academic approaches (or theories and methods) related to learning, psychology and anthropology (readings, discussions and assignments).
  • Identifying practical resources to assist you with adjusting to life in the UPEI environment and supporting your needs as a student on this campus (orientation to both academic and personal support services available on campus).
  • Encouraging a “reflective practice” model of personal growth and development (discussion and writing assignments).
  • Assisting you to plan your academic goals and identify co-curricular opportunities (resource orientation, service learning, extra-curricular activities and events).

Fall 2013 Courses:

A. UPEI 101D: Academic Studies T & Th 10-11:15 (cross listed with English 101-Academic Writing)
B. University 100A: University Studies - M & W 1:30 -12:45

A. UPEI 101D (W. Shilton) often is referred to as the “cornerstone” of a UPEI education. It offers a rigorous introduction to the common writing conventions and practices in which student-scholars will engage throughout their university experience. Its main goal is to help students learn appropriate disciplinary writing standards. The course emphasizes formal and informal writing opportunities, individual and collaborative participation, speaking and listening, and student-direct learning.

B. University 100A (I. Dorsey) is a course exclusively for First Year students, with no more than 25 students per class. It provides an introduction to both the University and to university studies.
Various teaching techniques are used, including lectures, discussions, individual research, film, and frequent written exercises. Various occupational and personality inventories are employed to assist students in forming career plans and developing self-awareness.

NOTE: This is a full- year six- semester hour course.

Winter 2014 Courses:

A. English 192B: Introduction to Literature T & Th 10-11:15 OR
B. University 203: Introduction to Leadership Studies T&Th 10-11:15 AND
C. University 100A (second required half) M & W 1:30-2:45

A. English 192B (W. Shilton) which is closely integrated with the critical literacy concepts and skills of English 101 offered in the Fall Term provides an introduction to literature as an important medium for exploring the dynamics of conflict in texts and at different levels of human meaning-making and interaction.


B. University 203 (I. Dorsey) introduces leadership using a personal experience perspective and framework. Students will be exposed to various leadership models, best practices, and concepts essential to leadership such as sustainability and community development. The course will assist students in developing an understanding of self, their role in community and in their profession. Students will be required to develop and implement a service- learning project as part of the course work.


C. University 100A (part II.) (V. Johnston) picks up where University 100 (part I) leaves off, building upon previous work and introducing some new, significant concepts. The main focus will be developing effective critical thinking and writing skills as well as career development. Emphasis will be placed on identifying personal values, career goals and personal growth. Various occupational inventories will be employed to assist students in developing career related goals.

Vickie Johnston
University 100
(902) 628-4363
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