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Special Topics Courses

Being offered in the second summer session of 2015 is IST 209 (Special Topics): "Island Life," by Dr. Godfrey Baldacchino. The course is cross-listed with Environmental Studies (ENV 209) and Sociology/Anthropology (S/A 209).

See the Summer Timetable for days and times.

IST 209: Island Life

Islands have been celebrated as the places where strong and resilient communities flourish, where endemic species evolve and survive, where specific cultures and languages develop and thrive, where hospitality and tourism are natural industries, and where neighbourhoods are safe and under close surveillance. Why then, if "small is beautiful," do people leave islands? And why are island species, cultures and languages under threat?

"Island Life" invites students to look upon aspects of island life with a critical eye; and to better appreciate the different conceptualizations of island life held by native islanders, part-time islanders, and those "from away." The course examines some of the various nature-society interactions on islands, including the protection of endemic species, the response to invasive species, and the designation of marine or terrestrial parks and their management. Through a comparative and analytical approach, the course invites students to come to better terms with one’s own, small island experience, drawing in experiences and research from a multitude of small island environments world-wide.

Jim Randall, PhD
Program Coordinator
Island Studies
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