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Faculty Profile of the Month - Dr. Lisa Chilton

Lisa Chilton’s family history is deeply rooted in the history of the British Empire – Zimbabwe, Australia, South Africa, England and Canada. Making sense of this history has been an important part of Lisa’s work as a scholar and as an educator at UPEI where she writes and teaches about international migrations, war and revolution, and the Atlantic world.  Her parallel passion for food and cooking has recently merged the kitchen and the classroom in a course called Foreign Food: Eating in the Age of Empires. 

The Arts at UPEI allows Lisa to combine the best of many worlds, and to help her students do the same.  So far her enthusiasm for hiking, camping and kayaking have not made it into the classroom.

Lisa’s aim in her writing and in her teaching is to make history interesting, accessible and thought provoking. 

Dr. Chilton's Faculty Profile


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