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Catherine Innes-Parker

(902) 566-0428
Main Building, 219
BA, MA (McMaster)
PhD (Memorial)

My current research focuses on women's literacy in the middle ages. I study medieval attitudes towards women's reading in texts written by, for, and about women, and patterns of manuscript ownership to determine what women actually read.

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  2. "Mi bodi henge wix zi bodi neiled o rode: The Gendering of the Pauline Concept of Crucifixion with Christ in Medieval Devotional Prose for Women." Studies in Religion/Sciences Religieuses 28:1 (1999) 49-62.
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  5. "The Lady and the King: Ancrene Wisse's Parable of the Royal Wooing Re-examined." English Studies 75 (1994) 509-522.
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