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Asian Studies Minor

The Asian Studies program at the University of Prince Edward Island was formally established and recognized by the Faculty of Arts and the University in early 1993. It is a maturing interdisciplinary Minor program that offers two core courses and eighteen electives on various topics on Asian civilizations, peoples, languages, histories, philosophical and religious traditions, social and political systems.

Participating faculty members in the Asian Studies Program at UPEI come from five departments of the Arts Faculty: Religious Studies, Sociology/ Anthropology, History, and Political Studies. They are professors who are noted for good scholarship and teaching.

What can I do with a minor in Asian Studies?

A program in Asian Studies is of immediate value for developing or enhancing your knowledge and experience of Asia, one of the world's greatest civilizations. It has further practical benefits for anyone who plans to work in Asia or in any career enterprise dealing with Asian-Canadian people, business, tourism industry, international communication, education, journalism, and social work. Some of the students who have completed Asian Studies core courses or electives are planning to work abroad as ESL instructors in Korea, Japan, or another Asian country. Others intend to pursue various career opportunities in PEI or other Canadian provinces, which relate to the private business sector, government offices, and other arenas involving Canada's multicultural and international circumstances.

Asian Studies students have various academic and practical interests. Its core courses attract students with divergent goals and objectives. For example, a third-year History major who successfully completed Asian Studies 202 said: "I wish to learn Asian histories, cultures and politics....I hope to work in Asia after graduating." Asian Studies definitely encourages and facilitates her goal. A fourth-year double major in Business Administration and Philosophy had a similar practical reason: "I have applied to the JET Programme... and I wish to learn how the society of Eastern Asia works." A graduating student in Business Administration had a fine social and global rationale: "I have friends from East Asia, and I want to learn more about the people and the area."

Asian Studies
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