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Bruce Rainnie

Meet our Practitioner in residence, Applied Communication, Leadership, and Culture program

Bruce Rainnie brings a wealth of public communications experience with him to his position as ACLC’s Practitioner in Residence. He is currently the President and CEO of the Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame in Halifax. Prior to this position, he was the host of CBC News: Compass, the supper-hour news program for Prince Edward Island. In that role, he helped Compass become the country’s number one rated CBC supper-hour news broadcast. Bruce is known nationally for his work with CBC Sports. Along with being a regular host on Hockey Night in Canada, he has broadcasted seven Olympic games.

As ACLC’s Practitioner in Residence, Bruce Rainnie provides guest lectures and workshops associated with ACLC courses relating to Communication and Leadership. He works with students who wish to have one-on-one and small group mentoring in public speaking, and he presents the end-of-year ACLC public lecture.

Bruce had this to say about what he likes about the ACLC program, and on what his personal objectives for the program’s future are:

“I like the fact that what I am being allowed to present to students is practical, valuable, and immediately usable in everyday life. Being able to simply talk in an informative and entertaining way is a skill that never goes out of style, but one that perhaps has slipped with the advent of texting and social media. And the ability to lead, to bring out the best in people, to awaken possibility in others – these are things I have witnessed at the highest of levels. I have keenly observed the techniques employed by the most successful of leaders, and am thrilled at the opportunity to share these with ACLC students.

My goal is to see the program grow to the point where it is someday seen a “must-take” for first year students at UPEI. I believe the skills we are teaching are timeless, and mastery of these skills a stepping stone to big success in future endeavors. Kudos to UPEI for having the foresight to add a program of this nature.”

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