The Healthy Campus Committee, in partnership with Athletics and Recreation, is pleased to announce the following initiatives for the campus community.

For all programs and information listed below, please contact Angela Marchbank by email at amarchbank@upei.ca; or call (902) 566-0606.

1. Positudes Challenge

The Challenge is an eight-week team building challenge for UPEI students, staff, and faculty. Participants engage in various weekly activities to fill the four 'chambers' of our heart. Teams collect points each week by participating in activities. The Challenge runs from January 15—March 11, 2018. Deadline for team registration is Thursday, January 9, 2018. More details on dates/topics for each week will be provided in January to registered teams. Please complete and submit a registration form.

2. Karma Yoga - Tuesdays, 12:10 pm

The Karma Yoga class is held every Tuesday from 12:10–12:55 pm at UPEI Chaplaincy Centre.

This program provides a full body strength and flexibility workout which tones the body. Long stretches will melt away stress and create a feeling of deep relaxation. Please bring your own mat and/or towel and water.

Fee: Fee for each class is a donation to the UPEI food bank - $5 or food donation.

3. Tobacco Cessation Supports

UPEI has a number of tobacco cessation supports and programs available with a Quit Care Program in October 2017. Supports vary depending if you are a UPEI student or UPEI employee.

In accordance with the UPEI Tobacco-use policy, using tobacco products on University property is prohibited. The boundaries of University property are depicted in the following image:

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