UPEI Strategic Plan Pillar: Vibrant Communities

Priority: Make UPEI a centre that fosters the development and growth of our people and the engagement of our communities.

To achieve this by 2018 we will:

  • Increase the number of employees who indicate a strong level of engagement and commitment
  • Enhance mentoring opportunities
  • Grow training and professional development for all employee groups
  • Increase our alumni participation rate
  • Grow the number of people taking part in our UPEI campus events
  • Rejuvenate how we share information with our campus and communities

Some examples of initiatives that are now underway to support our Vibrant Communities goals include:

  • the introduction of interactive and well attended Respectful Workplace sessions
  • the recognition and celebration of staff and faculty contributions through the annual Presidential Awards of Merit
  • the hosting of UPEI Open Day Classes for members of our PEI high school community
  • development of the University External Community Advisory Committee made up of community leaders from across the province
  • reinvigoration of the SHARE mentoring program that connects UPEI students with UPEI alumni to discuss careers, develop networking skills, and learn from the real experiences of UPEI alumni
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