UPEI Strategic Plan Pillar: Long-term Sustainability

Priority: Achieve growth to achieve a thriving, sustainable future.

To achieve this we will:

  • Work as a team to build our enrolment
  • Work as a team to improve our retention rate
  • Grow our endowment funds/full-time-equivalent student
  • Ensure continual growth in classroom utilization to promote increased efficiencies
  • Keep environmental sustainability at the forefront of our decision making for the benefit of current and future generations

Some examples of initiatives that are now underway to support our Long-term Sustainability goals include:

  • the newly formed UPEI School of Engineering will offer a “unique to the region” Bachelor of Science in Engineering (Sustainable Design Engineering) program that is industry-linked and project-based starting in September 2014
  • more dynamic and strategic domestic and international recruitment initiatives for both the short- and long-term to mitigate demographic challenges
  • ongoing review of the ease of registration and progression at UPEI, as well as UPEI’s menu of supports for students to promote effective educational journeys
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